7 notable milestones of product placement in pop culture | Lifestyles

Over the past century, product placement has become a mainstay of film and television. Just look at Nike’s partnership with 2021’s “Space Jam: A New Legacy.” According to a brand tracking agencythe brand received over $94 million in advertising value generated from the film, the most of any film in 2021.

While some brands maintain incredibly strict standards for how their products can be used in media, it’s undeniable that the digital age presents more opportunities for strong product placement than ever before. Streaming, for example, has made product placement more appealing because it’s a type of ad that can’t be muted or skipped without users paying a premium to skip the ad. But as this form of advertising continues to evolve, it’s worth examining the precedents that have brought product placement to this point.

donation wizard has compiled seven notable examples of product placement throughout media history, using a variety of sources. It should be noted that not all products featured in the media are listed here. It’s often difficult to discern whether product placement was a stylistic choice for designers or paid promotion. Therefore, paid product placement is not a requirement to be on this list.

These examples were chosen to show a wide variety of media, as well as iconic product placements. The order was determined based on the media’s original release date.

From movies to video games and everything in between, here are seven notable product placement milestones.

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