88ft Florida Open Cruiser Riva Yacht Showcases Automotive-Inspired Convertible Design



The yacht in front of you is the work of an Italian builder named Riva. If you’ve never heard of this crew, know that their story began in 1842 when Pietro Riva began repairing damaged boats and ships after a terrible storm that devastated the town of Sarnico, Italy. With the gift of satisfying everyone, the Riva brand was born. Years later, in 2000, this manufacturer’s ability to produce high-quality craft designed for the utmost luxury caught the attention of the Ferretti Group, and the two have gone hand in hand ever since.

As tastes, technology, and bank accounts tend to change over time, Riva has made an effort to keep up with market trends and desires, bringing the the 88 ‘Florida, a yacht destined to redefine an entire class of boating.

Style and design are the work of a certain Mauro Micheli, a designer concerned with fresh and competent designs. For example, take the soft top that is placed above the helm station. According to the manufacturer’s website, this feature is borrowed from the automotive industry. The hull also includes a wonderful set of glass that really shines once you are inside the living quarters of the ship.

Like most other designs aimed at providing a sleek, fast boat, the Florida features a long, low hull design to help keep the vessel stable at high speeds. Since this sucker can be fitted with an optional 16V 200 M96L dual MTU that can pump 2,638hp each, you bet you’ll need all the stability you can get. A top speed of 40.5 knots (46.6 mph) is also part of the story.

Exterior styling also gives way to the beach deck seen aft, with its stepped platform and what appears to be a garage for gear and toys. Going up the side stairs to the main deck you will find large lounges lining the side walls of the space and a cocktail table. If things get too hot, just press a button and the hardtop is there for the shade. A sun lounger in the back allows guests to relax with a view of the world they have left behind.

An interesting thing to point out about the convertible top is that when it is not desired to shade the helm, this hard top covers a front saloon that is only accessible when the top is up and covers the main deck. However, that doesn’t mean that guests won’t be able to board the Florida as there is another lounge bed at the end of the ship.

Downstairs, this yacht’s interior habitat unfolds with carpeted floors and wooden cabinets. VIP cabins offer five star living with those hull side windows letting as much natural light into the space as possible. Semi-precious metals also help balance the heavy use of wood.

Bathrooms follow a similar style to the rest of the living spaces, but also see extensive use of white due to countertops, sinks, toilets, and showers. If you have that luxury, a galley where the crew can prepare meals for guests is also below and is fitted with a sink, fridge / freezer and hob.

As for the question running through your head, the price of this yacht, some dealers are offering the 88-foot (26.8-meter) Florida at prices of around $ 7 million (€ 5.98 million at current exchange rates), depending on the type of features to be found on board and the level of customization the vessel has received. What do you say, is it worth it?

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