As Omicron eclipses Christmas, thousands of flights are canceled


The setbacks were obvious to travelers across the country. On Christmas Eve morning, mats, blankets and pillows lined the floor of the Twin Cities airport, where people had been forced to sleep the night before.

Catherine Lynn, a sales specialist in Watersound, Fla., Said she spent more than two hours on Friday trying to book a flight for her son, who learned his afternoon flight was canceled when ‘he tried to register on the Delta app. .

Ms Lynn said she was happy she was able to book a new flight for her son for Friday night, but will have to travel to a more distant airport to pick him up, which may miss the New Year’s Eve dinner. Christmas.

At the end of a queue for flight reservations, Cesar Zerrato of Elizabeth, NJ let out a long moan of anguish that caught the attention of a few travelers ahead of him queuing up at the Queens Kennedy International Airport, NY

Mr. Zerrato, 52, was supposed to be in Bogotá, Colombia, with his family for Christmas. Instead, he got caught in an airport loop. On Wednesday, his flight to Bogotá from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Was canceled and he had returned to the northeast on a flight to Bogotá from JFK. Except now that flight had also been canceled.

He was trying to book a flight scheduled for Christmas morning.

Mr Zerrato, still sporting the Star Wars jeans and t-shirt he had worn since Wednesday on Friday, described the trip as “all the time, lines, lines.”

He was back in New York, but without his luggage. He feared that his luggage had managed to do what he had not done: get on a plane to leave the country.

Sean Piccoli, Madeleine Ngo and Nicolas Bogel Burroughs contributed report.


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