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Posted: 07/09/2021 16:34:55 PM

Modified: 7/9/2021 16:35:04

ATHOL – A new car dealership that will offer a mix of classic and recent models has been approved by Athol’s Selectboard. At its Tuesday July 6 meeting, the Board of Directors granted a Class II car dealership license to Brian Joseph Teason. The Orange resident intends to open Streamline Classics at 53 Main St, next to Athol Glass.

At the start of a continuing public hearing on Teason’s license application, Selectboard President Rebecca Bialecki said, “We specifically asked where your cars were going to be parked, to make sure there is a good access to fire.

“I know I saw an email that said the deputy chief had gone to inspect the site, looked at your plan, and it looked like everything was in order.”

Bialecki then asked for comments from the board.

“I know we’ve raised the issue of having some sort of protection against people coming back to you under warranty. It is the issuance of bonds. Have you looked at this? Asked Stephen Raymond, member of the board of directors.

“Yes, of course,” replied the applicant. “It’s through the insurance company, and once I’m approved I’ll get the bond and be good to go.”

“I think you covered this at the last meeting,” added Managing Director Shaun Suhoski, “but I just want to confirm: it will be 8am to 8pm, is it seven days a week?”

“I wish it was seven days a week,” Teason said. “Is it going to be seven days a week, every Sunday?” Probably not. But I would like to have the option open.

“I think we all know how well all the mechanical workshops are supported in town and in the region. There is a demand for it. It has to be done. People want their cars fixed, and if we can use it on Sunday and in a respectful way for everyone, I think we should.

“Yes I know. It’s not door-to-door,” he said, referring to a previous discussion at the meeting. “I just want to clarify for the license.”

The board then gave its unanimous approval to the license.

At the previous session of the public hearing, Teason told the board that classic cars will be stored indoors, away from the salt and sand of winter. In addition to four or five vehicles parked outside at 53 Main Street, he told council that a maximum of a dozen cars would be stored in the parking lot across the street. He added that he would not start with so many vehicles.

Teason also told the board that he intends to keep the site landscaped and eventually hopes to purchase the building.

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