Auto collision repair processes continue to be more expensive and take longer

ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) – This is the time of year when deer collisions are more common and the busiest time of year for body shops.

October, November and December are during mating season, which means more deer are on the move.

Getting repairs or buying a new vehicle continues to be more expensive and faster. This is due to ongoing supply chain issues and labor shortages. Parts are harder to find, which drives up the price and takes a bigger toll on your wallet.

Isaac Hall of Autobody Pro Shop in Rockingham County said about 60% of vehicles they see coming in due to deer collisions end up in a total loss.

Hall said his body shop is already booked in 2023.

There are ways to have at least some damage control if you’re put in a situation where you hit a deer.

“Go against your instincts and actually commit to hitting the deer. We see a lot of safety issues as well as more damage when people follow what their instincts say to avoid impact,” Hall said.

Swerving to dodge a crossing deer could create even more problems. This could cause you to hit something or another person on the road.

Since the collision repair process is lengthy, Hall recommends having substantial rental coverage for the add-on you might have with a rental car.

In the event that a car is totaled, the process is also very difficult. Hall said when people total up their vehicles, they usually have to settle for cars they don’t like in today’s market. With new cars not found in parking lots, the only real option is to buy a used vehicle if you want to own something right away.

The key message here is to be careful during deer season because hitting a deer has more consequences than before.

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