Automotive and aerospace industries are leading the demand for fixed coordinate measuring machine market

“The growing need to maximize productivity on the shop floor is driving demand for more automation and robotics. With customers demanding in-line measurement solutions to increase throughput, several vendors have introduced benchtop CMMs,” said Ram Ravi, Measurement and Instrumentation Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “Additionally, CMMs equipped with scanners or multi-sensor systems are gaining prominence with the growing adoption of Industry 4.0 across manufacturing.”

Ravi added, “From a product perspective, bridge and gantry CMMs will dominate the total fixed CMM space. The popularity of bridge CMMs is attributed to its affordability and ability to offer accurate measurements. On the other hand, sectors that require high precision such as aerospace and automotive will propel the demand for gantry CMMs. »

To profit from the growth of the fixed CMM industry, market players need to:

  • Establish relationships with automotive suppliers electric vehicles (EV) and fuel cells will continue to boost CMM’s growth prospects.
  • Continually review and align testing procedures/techniques with the latest materials used in additive manufacturing.
  • Realize the opportunity offered by the major applications of the automotive and aeronautical industries which are set to grow features and flexibility of the robot to perform complex operations.

Global Stationary CMM Growth Opportunities is the latest addition to Frost & Sullivan’s Measurement & Instrumentation research and analysis available through the Frost & Sullivan Leadership Council, which helps organizations identify a continuous stream of growth opportunities to succeed in the unpredictable future.

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Global Stationary CMM Growth Opportunities


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