Best Car Repair 2022: Ryan’s Automotive Service Center

Over 65 years ago, when Fairfield was a humble little town of 4,000 people, a small three-car garage opened on Taylor Street.

After the shop had been running for 25 years, they recruited a new mechanic, Ryan Pain, who joined the mechanics team in 1979 after having just completed extensive training at Denver Automotive and Diesel College.

After 14 years and thousands of auto and truck repairs, Ryan went from mechanic to mechanic and owner in 1992. The shop changed its name to Ryan’s Automotive Service Center, the name it still bears today. after 30 years and after a major move. and the expansion of a new neon-adorned store on North Texas Street.

Two years after owning the auto shop, Ryan’s Automotive Service Center was first named by Daily Republic readers as the best place for auto repair, an award it has won multiple times since.

Ryan’s continues to specialize in automotive repair and maintenance, as well as anti-smog service, for all cars and light trucks. Ryan’s also performs inspections for DMV salvaged vehicles.

It’s the level of expertise and commitment to excellent service that customers value, says Ryan, and contributes to the company being selected as the best auto repair shop in the Daily’s latest Readers’ Choice poll. Republic.

“We have highly trained and certified technicians, the proper equipment and the knowledge to properly repair today’s vehicles,” says Ryan. “We know our business. We don’t throw coins at cars; we find the problem through proper diagnostic procedures and constant update training.

Finalists: Moorhead Automotive Center, Travis Automotive Service

Ryan’s Automotive Service Center

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