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NORWOOD (CBS) – Arriving at Norwood Gulf, it’s easy to see that the business is booming. Customersâ ???? cars are parked everywhere and this auto repair shop sees no interruptions in sight.

It’s crazy. The phone rings all the time. It’s good for us ! We like it. But for everyone – it’s not good, â ???? said William Ajjouri.

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What is not good is this continuing global shortage of microchips; spill over into the effects of the pandemic, dramatically increasing the cost of new and used cars.

According to a recent Kelley Blue Book study, 80% of new car buyers say they plan to wait – at least three months, others up to a year. This means that a lot of drivers stick with what they have.

And for Will, that means seeing his regulars – even more frequently.

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“This is what often happens. It is a temporary solution for many customers. Especially for cars that are worth $ 2 to $ 3000. It’s better than buying a new or used car, Ajjouri added.

Some customers delayed repairs while working from home. For others, new problems arose as vehicles were parked in the driveway. Whatever the problem, it will likely cost more to fix it.

â ???? Price! The prices have gone up 20-40% on parts if you can get your hands on them. I have to call three or four places to see who has it and who is going to get it to me fastest so my client can be happy, Luis Perello explained.

Despite the delays in receiving parts, there is still so much repair work that this team is working seven days a week to stay on top.

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“Even though they work from home, we try to help them as quickly as possible”,? said Ajjouri.


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