Cleveland family tries to recover after an explosion destroys their home

The family say they are grateful for the support from the community after losing everything in the fire.

Cleveland, Ohio- Editor’s Note: The video above is from a previous report on the explosion

The community comes together to help a family who lost everything after their east side house burned down last Tuesday.

According to the Cleveland Fire Division, the incident at an auto repair shop on the corner of Kinsman Road and E. 145th St. began as a fire that resulted in multiple explosions and a fire that spread to the home neighbor.

No one was injured, but the store and the neighboring house were destroyed.

“The explosion lit up their house, the whole house burned down, they lost everything,” says Suzanne Cole.

Cole’s daughter and granddaughters lived in the upper unit of the duplex. She said it was a miracle that there was no one at home, with her daughter at work and the girls at school.

Fortunately, the family dog ​​was not injured either.

“TThe firefighter was able to save the dog that arrived in Shaker Heights, but they were really happy to get their dog back,” Cole said.

She said the community rallied behind the family, helping them get back on their feet.

“The community has helped by donating everything from toothpaste to toothbrushes, from clothes to household items, we are always looking for more donations,” Cole said.

Her granddaughter Khai Wilkins said she was sad to have lost everything in her bedroom, but they are grateful for the support.

“Thank you to everyone who helped out, especially everyone I don’t even know,” Wilkins said.

The family is working to find a new home to live in and has started a Fundraising to help.

Auto shop explosion causes fire and partial building collapse in east Cleveland

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