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You scratched your car. It’s the worst feeling, we know. Whether it’s your fault or the damage was caused by a falling branch or a dishonest shopping cart, it always damages the exterior of your car and can leave you with a repair bill you don’t want to pay. But… do you really need to pay it? Is there a need to repair a scratch on your Toyota N Charlotte, or can you just pretend you can’t see it and continue with your car? Our Charlotte body repair the experts are there to decide.

So the bottom line is you have to repair the scratch. And before you start jumping to any rushed conclusions and assuming we just want your money to fix it, check out these legitimate reasons straight from our experts why you need to get scratches fixed at an auto body shop.

Four reasons to get body repaired for that scratch

Reason # 1: More damage than the eye can see.

It may look like a simple scratch on the outside, but it could actually be damaged more than you think. There might be some damage to your car’s body that you haven’t noticed yet. Also, with all the new car safety tech, a sensor or other part might have been damaged and need to be replaced and you would never know just by looking at the vehicle. Let our Charlotte collision repair technicians take a look!

Reason # 2: Damage to surrounding paint.

If you leave a scratch on your car, it could actually do more damage, believe it or not. A scratch leaves the edges of the paint exposed, and over time this can lead to the paint around the scratch creasing or flaking. Why make the repair more expensive than it should be? Repair the scratch.

Reason # 3: rust.

Leaving a scratch on your car means that the metal where the scratch is located is now exposed to the elements, namely moisture. This can lead to rusting over time and we all know how time consuming and expensive rust removal can be. Why even take the risk? Protect your investment and repair scratches.

Reason # 4: resale value.

A scratch on your car can also have an effect on the resale value of your N Charlotte Toyota. Potential buyers don’t want to deal with bodily injury or have to pay to fix it themselves, and this can lead to negative assumptions about your car maintenance routine as well. If you don’t care about maintaining the exterior of the car, you probably haven’t taken the time to maintain the interior OR what’s under the hood. A simple scratch can make your car much less attractive to a future buyer.

Plan body repairs today at Toyota of N Charlotte

Need body scratches repair? Call Toyota from N Charlotte! We are open and wait at (704) 659-2025 and are conveniently located just off I-77 at exit 23 in Huntersville. Find us at 13429 Statesville Road!

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