Dobyns-Bennett Automotive students: “If you can’t dodge it, ram it” | Education

KINGSPORT – Anyone who owns a car can guarantee that mechanical issues are a nightmare.

Typical daily commutes can be boring, but inconvenient. Recently, near Dobyns-Bennett High School, the flow of cars came to a screeching halt and the air filled with car horns.

The reason: A Dodge truck broke down on the East Center Street side.

Accidents happen and repairs are needed. The Dobyns-Bennett Automotive Class devotes its curriculum to helping those in need.

Located in the technical building of the quarries, the class has access to several resources, such as its own repair shop and specialized tools in the industry. The garage is no different from an auto repair shop in business and provides excellent service to the community.

After the truck broke down, the students in the C-Block class jumped at the chance to solve the problem and demonstrate their technical capabilities.

Several students drove to the Dodge Ram.

“Then we just tied the frame on the bungee and brought it back to class,” said Ryan Osborne, 18. “When we looked at it, the reader was completely overwhelmed. “

The students, under the supervision of their teacher Charles Honaker, worked on repairs.

“Bolts have come off the transmission, broken or stolen, but most likely stolen. The truck had just been taken apart, ”said Josh Roach, 15.

The students, as well as Honaker, were baffled by the condition of the Dodge.

“We kept asking ‘Where have all the bolts gone?'” Said Matthew Franklin, 14. “They don’t break, but at first there was no evidence. MH eventually found the bolts, but we did the heavy lifting.

The student who drove the Dodge escaped with only a minor injury.

“Subsequently,” said Isaiah Shelton, 15, “the student actually slammed his finger in the car door. Funny how it was absolutely unrelated to the actual blackout.

After preparing the Dodge, polite and worthy to hit the road, the students made their final statement regarding the ordeal:

“If you can’t dodge it, hit it!” “

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