Electric car rentals that you can use in your city


Take the promise of nature and choose sustainable transportation with these rental services that provide electric cars in major Indian cities.

If you are choosing to rent cars for special occasions, it is high time to choose electric vehicles. It’s not like you don’t have options. If you are staying in or around major Indian cities, you will find many services currently offering electric car rentals. Not only do these vehicles let you get rid of the guilt of harming the environment with harmful emissions, but they also lead to overall savings when you consider fuel costs. Even if you are looking for electric vehicles for long-term rental, you will find that they offer big savings in other areas as well. That being said, let’s take a look at all the electric car rentals you can avail in your city.



Photo credit: www.zoomcar.com

Zoomcar is the first name that comes to mind when thinking of car rental services in India. You would be happy to know that they have now started offering electric car rentals as well. In fact, the company is currently preparing to drive fully electric vehicles by 2025. Its fleet includes the Mahindra E2O Plus and the Tata E Tigor, and they can be yours for a subscription of 15,000-20,000 per month. . You can use Zoomcar’s streamlined app to rent cars according to your preferences. All you need to do is book the vehicle, collect it from your preferred location, and drop it off at a designated location once you are done with your trip.



Photo credit: www.mgmotor.co.in

If you need a comfortable compact SUV for the long haul, consider the rental plan MG offers on its ZS EV. Those in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi-NCR and Bengaluru can pay 49,999 per month. The eco-friendly car features a high-tech 44.5 kWh battery and has a claimed range of 419 km. A wide variety of safety features can also be found on this car, in addition to many comfort features. MG Motor India partners with Zoomcar and ORIX to offer the ZS EV on subscription in India.

Tata Nexon EV


Photo credit: nexonev.tatamotors.com

Here is another company that itself offers electric car rentals. You can drive the Tata Nexon EV for a fixed all-inclusive rental price of 41,900 per month. A minimum duration of 18 months should be chosen, while the maximum duration is 36 months. The Nexon EV is an excellent vehicle to drive with its 129 hp electric motor and 30.2 kWh battery which allow it to offer a range of 312 km.


Photo credit: blu-smart.com

BluSmart is a fully electric carpooling platform. In that sense, it’s a great alternative to Ola and Uber if you want to take an eco-responsible approach to your daily commute. Since the company has been active, its vehicles have limited the release of more than 1000 tonnes of CO2 emissions through more than 4,000,000 trips by electric car.


It just takes a little extra effort to choose the green car rental options available near you. This little time can make a big difference to the environment.

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