Electric vehicles could save drivers up to 60% on their trips, according to Consumers Energy

According to new data released by Consumers Energy, using electric vehicles in Michigan could reduce driver costs by up to 60%, thanks to charging costs as low as 16 cents per kWh.

By comparison, the average price per gallon of gasoline in Michigan right now, amid skyrocketing inflation, is around $ 3.18 per gallon. This means that for an 80-mile trip driven by an electric vehicle, the costs would be around $ 2.63, while for a sedan or an average gasoline-powered light vehicle, the costs would be more than double that at about $ 6.36, more or less take. Discounts provided by consumers and others for home charging system installations and reduced charging rates for electric vehicles also contribute to the use of electric vehicles.

“Consumers Energy wants to help electric vehicle drivers have confidence in their ability to navigate the state with many charging options available,” said Lauren Youngdahl Snyder, vice president of customer experience at Consumers Energy. “Today, an EV driver can travel from Bronson to Traverse City – or from Flint to Grand Rapids – with the public charging network currently in place.”

So far, more than 1,200 Michigan homes have used the home rebate offers. At the same time, Consumers installed 34 fast-charging stations and nearly 200 public level 2 charging stations across the state. More than 200 charging stations are currently slated to come into service over the next two years to help the approximately 13,000 registered electric vehicles operating in the consumer service area.

Every year, consumers have calculated that electric vehicle sales have grown by more than 20%, with greater acceleration expected due to the build-up of electric vehicle commitments and sales commitments made by automakers. Americans. As a result, Consumers intends to be able to power 1 million electric vehicles in Michigan by 2030, to position itself in a market where up to 50% of new car sales could be electric.

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