EXCLUSIVE: Dashcam Video Exposes ‘Blatant Racism’ of Auto Shop Employees Driving Customer’s Car


SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) – A peninsular man seeks accountability after he says a tire store damaged his car. He says what his dash cam video discovered was much more serious than just a cracked windshield and scuffed paint.

Bill noticed a major crack on the driver’s side of the windshield of his BMW Z4 after a trip to America’s Tire in Santa Clara on September 10 to have a flat tire replaced.

“I went home and watched the dash cam video to see what had happened with my windshield, and found out what they were doing to my car and missing me respect to me and my vehicle. “


What Bill, who only wants that nickname, came up with is that the two employees took out his car for what can best be described as a ride.

The dashcam video reveals high-pitched hysterical laughter and a man saying “Bro, I’m so done for the day!”

Bill says hearing employees say they are going to throw valve stems may have contributed to the cracked windshield and / or a gash in the paint on the hood.

In another part of the video, a man can be heard saying “Guess the customer isn’t here, let’s go!” “


But what is perhaps most distressing is what was said next.

“What is it? Too fast!”

The workers can be heard laughing at Bill, using a sort of Asian accent.

“This is blatant racism,” says Bill.

Asked about his reaction to the video, Bill said he was appalled.

“I was pretty horrified. And shocked. And later, I got pretty angry.”


Bill says that after alerting America’s Tire of the damage and sending America’s Tire the dash cam video, the company offered to file a claim to repair his BMW.

But things didn’t escalate until a car-loving friend of Bill’s, with nearly a quarter of a million Instagram followers, posted the video showing the worker’s behavior.

Bill says he got a call from the company’s assistant vice president.

“They didn’t really try to apologize to me for what happened, they blamed the employees for what happened.”

After a trip to America’s Tire along Steven’s Creek Boulevard, an official said he couldn’t comment directly, but said the two employees were no longer working there.


Dion Lim of ABC7 News followed up with America’s Tire PR, who sent ABC7 News this statement:
America’s Tire was recently made aware of the contents of the video and apologizes for the inappropriate conduct of two employees. We promptly opened an investigation and the two employees are no longer employed by America’s Tire. The customer has been contacted and the vehicle was damaged The allegation is being addressed. At America’s Tire, it is our policy to treat all customers with the respect they deserve. Any other conduct will not be tolerated by America’s Tire.

Bill says the company offered to give him a new set of tires and $ 5,000 if his friend removed the video. For him, this is not enough.

“It’s definitely insulting because they don’t treat me like a victim of racism, but they treat me like a PR nightmare.

ABC7 asked America’s Tire, in response to their statement, what they would do to tackle racist mockery. Dion’s question was not answered in time for the deadline.

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