[FIRST LOOK] Meet the Cast of Reasonable Doubt on Hulu

Hulu’s Reasonable doubt the show’s cast includes many of our favorite stars, and we’re excited for the September premiere. Here’s your chance to meet the cast of Reasonable doubt.

Created by Dramaraamla, Reasonable doubt is a sexy legal drama centered around a high profile criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles. Jax Stewart is a lawyer, who has questionable moral standards and exaggerated legal theories.

On the other hand, she is described as the smartest and bravest defense attorney in Los Angeles who constantly mocks the justice system.

Watch how she deals with past trauma, a failed marriage, motherhood, and a murder case…all while trying to keep her shit together. Can she really do it all?

Take a first look at the Reasonable doubt series trailer below

The new drama Onyx Collective is from executive producers Kerry Washington, Raamla Mohamed and Larry Willmore.

“…with this show, I started thinking about those I knew around me and decided I wanted an all-black writers room,” Raamla Mohamed said.

She further stated, “It would create a shortcut between all of us and a freedom for us to talk about these characters as characters without having to fight to maintain Blackness’ perfect image.”

More importantly, the Reasonable doubt the series will premiere only on Hulu on Tuesday, September 27.

Meet the cast of Reasonable doubt

For the cast of Reasonable Doubt, Emayatzy Corinealdi will play the title character, Jax Stewart. Other cast members include Eugene Byrd, Toby Onwumere, Michael Ealy, Christopher Mychael Watson, and Sean Patrick Thomas.

In the same way, Christopher Cassarino, Victor Rasuk, Brooke Lyons, Paul Fox, Candice Tracy Ross, Jasmine Akakpo, Lucas Paz, McKinley Freeman, Jamie Jones, Monte Bell and more will also be featured in the series.

Emayatzy Corinealdi as Jax Stewart

Emayatzy has been in the film industry since 2012 when she starred in Ava Duvernay’s In the middle of nowhere. We interviewed her about her career at that time. In addition, she acted in films such as The invite and Roots.

Eugene Byrd as Chief Justice

He played in Dead man, Anacondas: the hunt for the blood orchid and Sleepers. Eugene Byrd plays CJ who is Damon’s brother. CJ is confronted with Damon to take care of other auto shop businesses while Damon was in jail, CJ feels betrayed.

Toby Onwumere as Will

Toby Onwumere is an alumnus of the University of Evansville where he began his acting journey. The Nigerian American actor is best known for his role as Capheus in season 2 of the Netflix original series, Sense8.

Sean Patrick Thomas as Brayden Miller

Best known for his roles in the early 20’s when he starred as Derek Reynolds in save the last dance and like Jimmy James in Hair salon. He plays Brayden Miller, a multi-millionaire married to Sarah. Sarah Miller is a woman who sacrificed everything for her husband.

Michael Ealy as Damon

He made his big screen debut in 2002 in his role in Hair salon. Also known for his amazing personality, Michael Ealy is appreciated for his ability to adapt to various roles.

Christopher Mychael Watson as Jamarion Tucker

Christopher Mychael Watson grew up in Atlanta. The actor has since landed notable roles in theatre, film and television since moving to Los Angeles. His works include Kevin Hart’s Handbook of Black History, At home in the spring, Scorpio (SCS), The man from outer space (Amazon), and Shazam (SCS).

Christopher Cassarino as Rich

Currently on NBC New Amsterdam, Rich will be played by Cassarino. His character is an attorney at the same firm where Jax works who primarily focuses on contracts and litigation. During a major affair during the season, he and Jax have a falling out.

Brooke Lyons as Sarah Miller

Sarah, the wife of multi-millionaire Braydon Mitchell, is played by Lyons. Sarah had a good education and sacrificed everything for her husband.

Victor Rasuk as Mike Llanas

Rasuk portrays Mike Llanas, a dedicated DA who sacrifices everything for his job. He and Jax were classmates in law school and have a history of conflict.

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