For Tesla’s main supplier, Shanghai COVID lockdowns strain workers and spur chaos

But cases were reported daily at an address belonging to the campus from March 26 to May 4, according to Shanghai government data. Quanta did not disclose the number of cases among workers.

Calls asking for help in drawing attention to positive cases that were not isolated to Quanta began appearing on Weibo from April 6, five days after Shanghai implemented a lockdown at the city ​​scale.

More emerged throughout the month and employees began posting photos and accounts on Douyin, China’s equivalent of TikTok, which showed dozens of workers queuing for buses to be taken to the facilities. quarantine centers.

They also took videos of themselves resting at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center, one of the city’s largest quarantine centers, as well as a facility specially designed to house Quanta workers. .

Reuters was unable to independently verify the footage, but two employees and a person with direct knowledge of campus operations said there were multiple infections.

“Each dorm reported a few positive cases a day, and eventually everyone came back positive,” said one of the two workers, who gave his surname Li, adding that there were eight cases in his room. , including him.

Employees said cases were often not isolated for days after a positive test and the person with direct knowledge of campus operations said there were not enough isolation spaces, which which resulted in ongoing infections.

It was a trigger for Thursday night’s chaos, employees said, as rumors spread that positive cases had been discovered among those working in the factories.

Workers were spooked by an order telling them not to return to their dormitories, raising fears they could be locked inside the factory.

While the videos of the scrimmage were deleted over the weekend, the discussion continued on Weibo and Douyin, with one user simply saying “What a waste”.

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