Ford Expands Product Line With Lifestyle Products



Ford wants to sell more than cars; they want to create a wider range of products by expanding into non-automotive goods. Specifically, they go for the lifestyle segment.

The automaker recently announced that Alexandra Ford English has been appointed to the newly created role of global director of brand merchandising at Ford. In his new role, English will use the brand’s automotive history, iconic vehicles and motorsport success to create “an expanded collection of lifestyle products”.

English is a fifth generation member of the Ford family, being the daughter of Executive Chairman Bill Ford. She began her professional career in the fashion industry at Tory Burch and Gap, before working for Ford in 2017.

Can’t imagine what this lifestyle merchandise could be like? Imagine a Ford fashion line that produces branded products, such as shirts, hoodies, joggers and shoes that cater to the “hypebeast” community. Apart from clothing, the automaker could offer accessories such as bracelets, glasses, bags and other merchandise bearing the Ford name or the vehicles sold by the manufacturer. The automaker could even go so far as to sell digital products, such as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), as part of its new venture.

“Wherever you go in the world, you find passionate Ford fans, and we want to bring them an inspiring collection of merchandise and accessories, and potentially even digital products like NFTs. I am excited about this opportunity to create new ways for people to connect with our brand and grow the business, ”said English.

Ford has not detailed what their lifestyle products will be, other than “merchandise and accessories”. If you check out the current Ford merchandise store, the automaker already sells a few t-shirts, outerwear, hats as well as accessories such as face masks, patches, key chains to name a few. -a. However, they could collaborate with big fashion brands like Off-White, BAPE, and Supreme to quickly gain traction. In 2019, Ford already partnered with Versace to create hoodies and shoes.

Once Ford rolls out more lifestyle products, would you do them?


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