Ford puts business operations at the forefront of electric vehicle strategy

The automaker expects Ford Pro to generate $45 billion in revenue by 2025, but the vehicles may not be the main attraction.

Farley said last week he thinks half of Ford’s business revenue could come from servicing physical vehicles as well as software.

“Our vehicles will always be very important, but I think brand loyalty will come down to the software experience,” he said.

That’s why Ford offers a host of services through Ford Pro Intelligence, a proprietary software platform. These services include telematics data to track vehicle status and driver performance, a digital field service tool called Viizr to reduce paper waste, security cameras to protect valuables, and charging to reduce vehicle downtime.

Ford plans to generate $1 billion in revenue from commercial charging services by 2030 and last year acquired Electriphi, a fleet charging services provider, to bolster its knowledge.

As well as offering companies ways to compensate owners who charge at home and via public networks, the company will offer to install Ford Pro-branded chargers in workplaces. Chargers will be compatible with non-Ford models.

Farley believes consulting and installing chargers on-site will be key to achieving $1 billion in revenue. Executives previously estimated that the depot charging industry will grow to more than 900,000 full-size trucks and vans by 2030.

“Of all the goals I give [Ford Pro CEO Ted Cannis], that’s the one I care about the most, even more so than market share,” Farley said. Automotive News on the sidelines of the media event. “We want to be the Supercharger network deposit fees. »

Brothers Joe and Steve Dutton, co-owners of the 1,400-acre Dutton Ranch in Sebastopol, Calif., are part of a Ford pilot program announced last week which will give them a Lightning, E-Transit and access to Ford Pro Intelligence services for a one-year trial.

They expect to eventually purchase additional vehicles, but say they are already taking advantage of Ford Pro services on their fleet of about 70 gas-powered work vehicles. Ford Pro’s cloud-based telematics data can be used on older models, as well as non-Ford models equipped with modems.

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