German start-up Sono teams up with Valmet for a solar car

Sono, founded in 2016 in Munich, is developing a fully electric vehicle with solar cells integrated into the bodywork, increasing the car’s range by an average of 112 kilometers (70 miles) per week beyond the 305 kilometer range of its battery.

Valmet Automotive, whose main shareholders are Chinese battery cell maker CATL, also produces cars for Mercedes-Benz and manufactures battery modules at two plants in Finland, with a third opening in Germany this year.

Sono, which began trading on the NASDAQ in November in an attempt to attract early-stage investors after finding itself on the verge of insolvency, is currently working to validate its mass production plans with vehicles built in Germany.

It plans to produce a low volume of four-digit cars in its first year, aiming to grow to 43,000 a year, he said.

The net price of Sono’s vehicle, currently 23,950 euros ($26,271), will rise to 25,126 euros once the company reaches 18,500 reservations out of the approximately 17,000 booked so far, he said. said, citing rising manufacturing costs.

The company aims to cut costs by offering a single model, relying on third-party production and using off-the-shelf components from suppliers such as Vitesco and Hella, it said in a regulatory filing. of November.

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