GOOD PRACTICES: Aschenbach Automotive Group creates BizCar to acquire used cars



“Our motto is very simple: it’s the easiest way to sell your car. So we try to make it as quick as possible, as easy as possible, and to create a relationship with a customer who might not want to go. at a dealership. ” Lawson said.

Establishing excellent relationships with clients has been essential to the success of the center.

“Probably 20% of all our purchases right now are referrals from people we’ve purchased from before,” Lawson noted.

The center has bought everything from low-mileage 2020 Ram pickup trucks to the first 2000 BMW Z4 convertibles and will even buy vehicles with $ 1 million price tags, Lawson said. Commercial vehicles such as work vans and service vans have also been popular purchases.

“We look at literally any car. It doesn’t matter make, model, year, kilometers, condition,” Lawson said.

“These days, listen, there’s a shortage. You can’t turn down units. You don’t want to turn down units. We’re fighting for them. I mean, we really want these cars.”

The purchased vehicles are then shipped to the store best equipped to sell them. And given the current state of dealer inventory in the United States, the group’s shopping center has given its stores an extra cushion.

“A BizCar retail is one of the highest average gross margin transactions at our franchise stores,” Aschenbach said. “And that’s because we’re buying things that you wouldn’t find at auction, and if you found them at auction, you’re going to be paying more retail now for that vehicle.”

The group has sold 3,586 new and used vehicles in 2020 and 3,000 combined so far in 2021. A few of its stores have a zero-day supply of new vehicles, Aschenbach said, with its lowest supply of used vehicles hovering around 30.

BizCar buys an average of twenty vehicles per month.


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