Grand Theft Auto’s latest online update causes entire lobbyists to teleport


Rockstar’s latest update for Grand Theft Auto Online introduces a weird and annoying issue that teleports entire lobbies to the in-game map.

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Game development is a tricky business, and a small mistake in the code can have profound effects on the end product. Unfortunately, it’s also not uncommon for updates to aim to improve a game only to break it even worse. And this situation is precisely what happens in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Grand Theft Auto Online players are experiencing an unusual issue that teleports entire halls to another location. The issue appears to be due to a bug in Rockstar’s most recent update for its popular multiplayer criminal sandbox game.

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A YouTube user named TheFroggmann uploaded a clip of the bizarre issue. The video shows him entering a warehouse and using the menu to begin a weapons sale mission. The game is supposed to teleport players outside to begin the mission. However, instead of starting as expected, the game teleported the entire lobby to the airport. This being GTA Online, a chaotic melee quickly followed.

Twitter user Tez2 then shared the clip on Twitter, where other players reported encountering a similar bug. According to Tez2, it looks like something went wrong with a background update that went live yesterday. According to them, the developers must have accidentally exchanged a mission-related event with the one that teleports the player to one of the GTA Online players’ houses or garages. It is not clear how the game decides where to drop players when the bug occurs. However, according to Twitter responses, the issue only affects the player’s bunker item sale mission. However, other tasks may still be affected.

It’s far from the first time GTA Online players experienced a weird bug. Tez2 previously discovered an issue that caused players to start the game when visiting a nightclub. As with the most recent incident, an error in a background routine update caused the problem. The patch was supposed to remove an exploit that allowed players to duplicate items in the nightclub garage, but also targeted legitimate players. The developers also wanted the patch to fix known issues with the test track and autoshop, but Rockstar canceled it due to the nightclub bug. It’s unclear if Rockstar will do the same with the most recent update.

Problems like this remind players that Grand Theft Auto Online is a massive game with several years of updates. With so many moving parts, it’s understandable that a few glitches slip through the cracks. However, that doesn’t make it any less frustrating for players caught up in these unusual bugs.

Grand Theft Auto Online is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S versions launching on November 11.

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