Have you ever wondered what a car youtuber does all day: that’s the truth

Lately, it seems like the best job in the automotive industry is being a “Car YouTuber”.

Seemingly living every equipment manager’s dream – getting from place to place; film, drive and work on some of the greatest cars ever built.

It’s no surprise that in recent years there has been an influx of car-focused YouTube channels, but for those of us who watch content, we often wonder what they do all day?

At a time when running a successful YouTube channel can mean creating a lasting career, it can also mean having the ability to combine passion and work – much like YouTuber Number 27 Jack has come true.

For those unfamiliar, Jack of Number 27 and his dubious but intriguing stable sports cars is a self-proclaimed “perfectly ordinary, middle-aged idiot with no journalistic experience” trying to live the dream.

After 10 years and nearly 15 million views later, it’s safe to say he’s achieved at least one version of the dream.

Today, he’s taking us on a behind-the-scenes journey to show his fan base exactly what a Car YouTuber does on a daily basis and what goes into running a popular channel.

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First, check the hero: the Ferrari

Reaching Jack at 9:30 a.m., he confesses that this is not his real time to leave, as he has already completed an update on his series of Mercedes projects. He soon dives into the second video of the day: an update on his Ferrari 308 which has been broken down for some time now after smoking the engine in his earlier video.

After an hour of trying to see his cylinders through an endoscope camera, Jack stops for breakfast and his first of many editing adventures. Something that will play a recurring theme throughout the video, Jack then informs us that he will be leaving at 12:30 in the afternoon to see an associate about an update with his Audi project.

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Live YouTuber Dream car is mostly edited

As two o’clock in the afternoon rolls around, Jack remembers that he has planned a third shoot of the day and heads to the meeting point where he will film a supercharged Porsche 924, but not after crossing the back roads of his hometown. in his first generation Lotus Elise.

Nearly three hours later, Jack is back home for some more maintenance, this time for the Lotus he drove with gusto. After diagnosing the sticky brake pad, he’s back in the editing room for the rest of the evening trying to master the number of projects Jack has been working on. But not before offering some advice for those looking to join the automotive YouTube scene. Take-out? Lots of hard work and even more editing skills

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