Heavy trucks: electric vehicle financing, but last in line

“If you’re towing 10,000 pounds, an electric truck is not the way to go. And 95% of our customers tow over 10,000 pounds,” Ford Motor Co. CEO Jim Farley told media at the Churchill Downs Racecourse, where he revealed a revamped Super Duty line. “It’s a very important segment for our country and it will likely transition to hydrogen fuel cell before it transitions to pure electric.”

In 2023, Ford is introducing new gasoline and diesel engines on the 2023 Super Duty, General Motors is giving the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado HD a more powerful diesel engine, and the 2023 Ram HD lineup is gaining a Rebel performance variant.

Even though California plans to ban gas-powered vehicle sales after 2035, it makes exceptions for heavy-duty pickup trucks, Farley noted, giving the company assurances that truck sales won’t be limited to the United States. coming.

Todd Eckert, Ford’s truck group marketing manager, said Automotive News that buyers of heavy-duty trucks — commonly used in mining, construction and utility work or as emergency response vehicles — haven’t shown much interest in electric vehicles. Rather, they focus on what can best do the job.

“We didn’t see a huge roar,” Eckert said. “It’s all about productivity, capacity and efficiency. Right now, gasoline and diesel are really meeting those needs.”

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