Here’s how your 2021 auto forecast went this year


We had to end with 4×98the predictions of, which were just so accurate that I can’t help but wonder if the world has become too predictable.

– Flying cars will be “only” in 3 years

– Americans will be denied access to

– Tesla will continue to sell cars with crappy build quality as stock mounts on the back of the random spurts of its seemingly mentally ill founder, Semi / Cybertruck / etc will continue to be notable for its absence

– Jalopnik will continue to highlight random youtube car videos, 3 days after youtube puts them in front of me

– Rumors have it that a new version of the VW bus will be released very soon, possibly electric and people will lose their minds before it runs out

– enact draconian and impossible emissions standards that are expected to kill all gasoline cars by the year

– F1 will continue to be his crappy and unrestrained self at all levels

– McLaren will release 12 different trim levels, I’m sorry, new models

– E-real racing will continue to not satisfy despite massive efforts

– Video game sports will continue to try to be seen as a real thing

– FCA will rummage in the closet to find the remaining model that they haven’t stuck a Hellcat engine in yet, then stick a Hellcat engine there

– Toyota will continue to insist that hydrogen is the next big thing

– After obsessing over all aspects of cars, Torch will be forced to start a company of speedometer character lovers

– A slew of new supercars that are all identical and horrible to look at will be released

– Some bullshit from the manufacturers

I think it covers him. Oh, and Kinja, surprisingly, will continue to suck beyond humans’ ability to comprehend.

Applause for you, my friend.


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