Hertz taps Amazon for cloud services to support EV rental and more

Hertz is charging its systems to manage a growing number of electric vehicles in its rental fleet by moving to the cloud.

On Monday, Hertz announced a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to modernize and digitize the Hertz customer experience and key components of its new mobility platform, including enhanced data analytics and vehicle telematics capabilities. .

Management explained in a press release that the continued investment in cloud services is part of Hertz’s continued commitment to being the leader in electrification, shared mobility and a digital customer experience.

“Harnessing the power of the cloud will dramatically increase our ability to provide better tools to our business to serve our global customers,” Hertz executive vice president and chief information officer Tim Langley-Hawthorne said in the release. Press.

“Working with AWS, and its unparalleled experience in the automotive industry, enables Hertz to deliver a best-in-class digital customer experience and accelerate our technology modernization by leveraging a robust suite of services to drive innovation and agility across the enterprise,” Langley-Hawthorne continued.

Hertz emphasized that its work with AWS will help the company create the future all-digital, electric-centric car rental experience.

Hertz said it would leverage AWS to scale technology that would support its investment in one of the largest electric vehicle rental fleets in North America and one of the largest in the world, including the construction of its global charging infrastructure.

Executives noted that AWS technologies will also help Hertz improve the customer experience by powering its vehicle telematics platform, which provides vehicle diagnostic data to facilitate better fleet management and support new customer products. . These products will further enable a contactless car rental experience with contactless vehicle pick-ups and returns through the Hertz mobile app.

Additionally, Hertz has indicated that it will seek to accelerate its cloud strategy and move core infrastructure components from on-premises data centers to AWS. This will support its all-digital strategy and expand its use of services, including AWS Marketplace, which will provide access to a variety of software and integrated technologies that will support many of the company’s strategic IT priorities.

“AWS is helping Hertz develop seamless new customer experiences, leverage its electric vehicle fleet, and build and scale its global electric vehicle charging infrastructure,” said Greg Pearson, vice president of global commercial sales at AWS.

“By accelerating its migration to the cloud and embracing the analytics and machine learning capabilities of AWS, Hertz can unleash the power of customer and fleet data to create custom connected vehicle solutions that will improve overall driver experience, maximize its existing operations and integrate more sustainable electric vehicles. and future mobility options in its operations,” continued Pearson.

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