HeyCharge wins the Global Automotive & Mobility Innovation Challenge award

Lead the evolution with secure and affordable EV charging in environments without connectivity

USA, April 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — HeyCharge, a low-cost electric vehicle charging provider, was named the winner of the Global Automotive and Mobility Challenge at the SAE International World Congress Experience™ event.

“GAMIC x SAE WCX is a prestigious event that selects breakthrough technology introductions, and we are honored,” said Chris Cardé, Founder and CEO of HeyCharge. “Our mission is to democratize the charging of electric vehicles. Most loads will occur in environments without connectivity. When there is connectivity, the door is open to cyberattacks. The disparity is further widened when installation is expensive and, due to space constraints, a dedicated space for people with disabilities is not resolved. For all these reasons, we are rooted in our commitment to quickly provide secure and easily accessible electric vehicle charging for everyone.

The HeyCharge suite of services is based on four fundamental principles:

– Works everywhere.
– Protect communication channels with security tokens.
– Provide modular and small footprint hardware.
– Build an extensible platform that allows for easy integration.

“HeyCharge’s solution for low-cost, highly scalable charging solutions in apartment buildings, offices and hotels exemplifies the kind of technically innovative and solution-oriented mindset that GAMIC supports and presents to the SAE WCX (SAE’s flagship annual event in Detroit, Michigan, USA) for its visibility and connection to the global mobility audience and specifically the North American automotive industry,” said Vic Havele, Chairman and Board Member of the Global Automotive & Mobility Innovation Challenge (GAMIC).

HeyCharge’s technology platform makes it easy for partners to build their own value proposition using HeyCharge’s SDKs and APIs. By leveraging our platform, partners can design and build their own products and services for their customers in a secure environment, generate new business models and revenue streams, and deploy services faster in the space. Rapidly growing EV.

HeyCharge is currently available across Europe and will soon launch in the US.

About HeyCharge
HeyCharge makes electric vehicle charging safe, ubiquitous and affordable. Founded in Munich, Germany in 2020, HeyCharge’s patent-pending SecureCharge technology maximizes user satisfaction and optimizes unit economics for customers and partners by removing the need for an on-site internet connection . The company is backed by BMW iVentures and startup accelerator Y Combinator.

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