Honda Prologue EV’s first goals could be a tough climb



Honda is likely to face a heavy load in the electric vehicle space, at least in the early days, analysts say.

Competitors such as Hyundai Motor Group are far ahead, with several second-generation electric vehicles on sale this year and next.

Additionally, it is difficult to predict consumer behavior with dozens of new electric vehicles slated for North America over the next several years.

“As electric vehicles arrive, these big ideas with millions of drivers eagerly awaiting the chance to make their traditional vehicle for the latest electric vehicle are quite overkill,” said Sam Fiorani, vice president of global vehicle forecasts. at AutoForecast Solutions. “For Honda to reach half a million electric vehicles by 2030 will require a combination of incentives, infrastructure improvements, significantly improved battery technologies and, most importantly, a radical change in the way buyers electric vehicles think, ”he said.

Gardner said Automotive News in June that Honda Motor Co. is the world’s largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines with the inclusion of its motorcycle, electrical and HondaJet offerings.

“It’s a fair comment about Honda that we weren’t the leaders in the race for battery-electric vehicles,” Gardner said. “We now have our direction.… We must now act quickly and decisively to get where we are going.”


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