Jaguar has had a disastrous sales year in 2021 as chip shortages hit production

Jaguar suffered towards the end of the year as JLR prioritized limited semiconductors for its best-selling Land Rover models, including the new Defender.

Sales of the Jaguar and Land Rover brands fell 38% to 80,216 in the quarter, according to a company statement.

For the whole of 2021, Jaguar Land Rover sales fell 1.2% to 420,856. Jaguar’s full-year sales were down 16% to 86,270, but the brand was particularly hard hit last quarter of the year, which only accounted for 17% of the brand’s sales for the year. Land Rover’s annual sales rose 3.4% to 334,586.

Jaguar sales in the EU, UK and EFTA markets in 2021 fell 19% to 38,039, according to data from industry group ACEA.

Sales of the XE and XF were mainly Chinese-built and sold models, suggesting that JLR has suspended production of the two sedans at its Castle Bromwich plant in England.

Jaguar won’t replace its aging range of internal combustion engine cars until it launches new all-electric models in 2025, The world reports the newspaper.

Jaguar is turning to an all-electric brand with new models to be designed by JLR design chief Gerry McGovern in a move that will also see it go much more upscale than current models.

McGovern said future Jaguar designs must be “absolutely modern and contemporary”.

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