Lawsuit Exposes Discriminatory Work Culture at Assurant

In addition to stating that slavery was “not that bad,” the complaint claims that an Assurant official not named as a defendant told a plaintiff that slavery was sanctioned by the Bible and that slaves were “lucky to be brought to America”. Later, the same person asked a complainant why black people were so “promiscuous with sex” and said he hated the “culture” of the black race, according to the complaint.

Along with those remarks, the complaint recalled a virtual meeting in which the manager pointed a gun at the camera. His supervisor, who is one of the defendants, was present at the meeting but took no action against the person, according to the complaint.

This same person, who has since left the company, previously reportedly made comments that an ammunition shortage was bad for the “white majority”.

When the complainants complained to human resources, one of the defendants began giving them the “silent treatment” – not responding to complainants for eight months in one case, according to the lawsuit.

With respect to promotions, the complaint describes several situations in which the complainants claim that less qualified white candidates were selected over them.

In one case, an applicant was told he needed a prerequisite position when the position never existed. In many others, underperforming white candidates were selected instead of overperforming black employees, according to the complaint.

One of the defendants is often cited in the trial as being responsible for these promotion selections.

The class concerned is believed to have more than 40 members. The plaintiffs seek a jury trial and seek unspecified monetary compensation.

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