Make Emissions Reduction Easier with the NOVOSENSE NSPASx Series Automotive Absolute Pressure Sensor

SHANGHAI, May 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — To achieve complete combustion and reduce emissions, the automobile/motorcycle engine usually requires an Intake Manifold Temperature and Pressure (TMAP) sensor to control the air-fuel ratio quickly and accurately, which can strike a balance between power performance, fuel economy and emissions. Automotive absolute pressure sensor with sub-millisecond response time is one of the key components of combustion engine system to realize closed-loop control. There is also the same requirement in petrol models to reduce emissions with the pressure sensor near the gas injector.

NOVOSENSE NSPASx Series Automotive Absolute Pressure Sensor

Semiconductor supplier NOVOSENSE Microelectronics recently launched its NSPASx series—an automotive-qualified integrated absolute pressure sensor which integrates the automotive-qualified absolute pressure MEMS chip (NSP163x) and conditioning IC (ASIC). The device adopts ASIC to calibrate and compensate the output of MEMS array, which can convert pressure signals from 10kPa to 400kPa to Vout with customized output range from 0 to 5V. The internal MEMS matrix is ​​based on the piezoresistive effect of high-sensitivity single-crystal silicon and is designed with advanced silicon-silicon bonding CSOI MEMS micromachining technology which has been certified by IAFTF16949. The whole wafer passed 100% AOI and CP test as well as AEC-Q103 qualification, the total accuracy is less than ±1% FS during its life cycle.

NSPASx series and MEMS wafer (NSP163x) are mainly used in vehicle/motorcycle intake manifold pressure detection, vehicle purge line pressure detection, exhaust system pressure detection, HEV/EV vacuum boosting (VBS), battery thermal runaway pressure sensing, as well as car seat airbag pressure sensing.

Main characteristics:

  • High precision and low power consumption:
    • High linearity and good stability without secondary calibration
    • 100% temperature compensation
    • Output accuracy better than ±1%FS at 0℃~85℃, better than ±1.5%FS at -40℃~130℃
    • Operating current less than 3mA
  • Multiple output modes with good portability for various applications:
    • Ratiometric analog output
    • Absolute analog output
  • Automotive-level standard with high reliability and stability:
    • Overvoltage and reverse voltage protection between -24V and 28V
    • Directly supplied with high voltage up to 18V
    • AEC-Q100 qualified
  • Quick response to quickly control the air-fuel ratio:
    • Response time greater than 0.8 ms
  • Customization for different applications with great flexibility:
    • Supports customization of pressure range from 10kPaA to 400kPaA
    • The MEMS wafer (NSP163x) can also be customized

NOVOSENSE Microelectronics has in-house developed MEMS/ASIC, multi-pressure and multi-temperature point auto-calibration and packaging technology, which can support customization of MEMS wafers and embedded devices to meet the requirements multiple applications.

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Pressure range







NSPAS3 series



1% (0 ~ 85)




7.0mm x 7.0mm


NSPAS1 series



1% (0 ~ 85)




7.3mm x 7.3mm


NOVOSENSE is a high-performance, high-reliability analog and mixed-signal chip design company in China. Focusing on system sensing, driving and interconnection, NOVOSENSE provides complete semiconductor products and solutions such as sensors, signal chain, isolator and interface, power supply device and driver, as well as power management, which are widely used in automotive, industrial control, information communication and consumer electronics.

With the mission “Sense and Drive the Future, Build a Connected World with Semiconductors”, the company is committed to providing chip-level solutions for the connection between the digital world and the real world.

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