Market growth and expansion at Sixt: Flexibility and responsiveness are key

Rita Szolnoki, B2B Business Unit Manager, Sixt Hungary.

Before the pandemic, the main source of our income was generated by foreign leisure and business visitors. The customer portfolio also included domestic companies with long-term and short-term car rental programs, but their importance has grown recently, and not just due to pandemic-related restrictions.

The company’s fleet is delayed? Sixt offers a solution

The difficulties in the new car market are also having an impact on purchases of company cars. In many cases, employees authorized to use a company car have to wait much longer than usual, sometimes even up to a year. This prompted Sixt to adapt as quickly as possible to the changing environment and to develop a service that helps all companies waiting for a car.

For companies wishing to maintain their own fleet despite the difficulties indicated above, Sixt offers flexible rental options until new cars arrive, whether it is a temporary rental of one or two vehicles or a significantly larger fleet of cars.

This type of rental arrangement is not new to Sixt: a significant part of the rental fleet has been reserved by partner companies for longer or shorter periods in the past. In the current situation, we are seeing an increasing demand for rental cars due to automotive production difficulties and persistent delays.

We also intended to target the corporate segment, so we launched a website for business partners in June. On one can find more information about our business rental programs, Sixt’s fleet available at all times, photos, videos, trim level lists and lots of useful information for allow potential customers to choose the best vehicle. for them.

Car rental vs leasing

Car rental is a very flexible service: you can immediately get into the car of your choice and use it both at home and abroad. If the renter’s needs or living situation change, he can change the model at any time, whether it’s a car, a van or even a light commercial vehicle. The rental period is tailored to the customer’s individual needs and the car user pays the rental costs accordingly.

Of course, car rental costs can be calculated in the same way as for operational leasing, but car rental is a much more flexible solution for companies, because the vehicle can be returned at any time to the lessor, and the type of vehicle can be changed without any restrictions. The current inflation crisis also means that flexible leasing solutions are more predictable, transparent and convenient for our tenant customers than fixed four- or five-year leasing solutions, which represent a significant commitment for companies.

Why Sixt?

We offer almost 40 different models in more than 30 categories in our fleet, most of which have high trim levels and were acquired in 2022. We are proud that we were able to react quickly and flexibly to difficult circumstances, thanks which we won the Business Excellence Award in the Mobility Service category last year.

This flexibility and customer focus is also reflected in our corporate rental offerings, which is why we look forward to becoming a mobility partner for more and more companies. Our goal is to ensure that once people have tried this type of long-term car rental, they realize the potential and stop thinking only of fixed and leased fleets.

This article first appeared in the print issue of the Budapest Business Journal on September 23, 2022.

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