Meet the Judges: Automotive Marketing and Communications Awards


Did your campaign really achieve what you set out to do? That’s good, but what surprised you or took it to the next level from your goals to become something worth celebrating?

Best Advice: Look for creativity, pragmatism, teamwork, and real target audience benefit in what you offer: achievable business goals and the honesty to look at what didn’t work as much as what has worked.

David Parkinson

CEO and Managing Director, Brave & Heart

Client-focused and results-driven campaigns are always the ones that have the most impact on me as a judge. Is this a one-time hit, or is it a real project that will produce results outside of the rewards industry?

Best Advice: Focus on what you did, why you did it, and the ideas that led to the campaign. Then itemize the results – not just in money, but across all of your key customer metrics.

Michelle roberts

Marketing Director, BMW UK

I am looking for emotion and storytelling. Award-winning campaigns make people feel something about the brand. Successful campaigns need to be innovative in one way or another and integrate across all customer touchpoints and media channels. Sometimes it’s the simplest and smallest ideas that create the best work.

Tip: my advice would be to definitely participate: go for it! These new Autocar Business Automotive and Communication Marketing awards will be a great recognition of the campaigns and approaches in the automotive sector for this year. With limited ability to do so over the past 18 months, now is the time to celebrate the great work that has been done in the category and recognize the brands and people behind these amazing ideas.

Hamel Soni

Senior business leaders, automotive at Google

In a world where consumers’ demands on businesses and their privacy continue to rise, being smart and aware of data, technology and creativity has never been more important. The winning campaign will think about it all – together.

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