New device lets anyone unlock their car with a smartphone


And while no one can deny that this is such a great feature that makes perfect sense given our digital future, it would normally require a next-gen car model that would specifically come with the hardware to deliver. keyless access.

But it turns out that’s not necessarily true, as someone invented an adapter that can allow car owners to access their vehicles directly from their phones.

Called Kez, this little gadget plugs into your car’s OBD2 port to provide a host of modern features, including unlocking doors from a smartphone, vehicle access sharing, smoke detection, monitoring battery, mileage tracking, speed control and logs.

And while mileage tracking, battery information, and logs aren’t necessarily new given that an OBD2 adapter has access to this information, the key unlocking part is definitely the one that caught our attention.

The parent company says it all works in almost any car made after 1996, so in theory you don’t need a smart vehicle to have keyless access to the interior.

It all comes down to a mobile app that can be installed on the smartphone and that can give access to anyone in the car using just a PIN code. This makes it the right choice even for car rental services or sharing platforms, although, on the other hand, you cannot start the engine using the mobile app. Instead, you can just put the keys in the glove box but control access to the vehicle from the phone.

Kez, however, is still in the planning stages, and now he needs everyone’s support to see the light of day. Listed on Kickstarter for crowdfunding support, this invention is currently 12% of its fundraising target, but with 26 days, there’s a chance it will have a shot at hitting the shelves.

If the $ 99 adapter is fully funded, shipping is expected to begin in January 2022.

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