Potholes occupy auto repair shops

Potholes are a problem mechanics see for all drivers, not just new ones.

LUZERNE COUNTY, Pennsylvania – This is the time of year when potholes call for vehicle repairs.

The owner of T&F Tire Service in Kingston says the pothole calls are no surprise.

“You can see damaged tires or damaged suspension components on vehicles,” said owner Thomas Tranguch.

This can make it a very busy time for mechanics in the workshop

“I can’t say we quantify it, but we see a lot of it, and I will say it, and it’s consistent this time of year. So we’ve had a few freezes and thaws and you add a little more snow and maybe a little rain. Potholes are full of water, especially at night. You can’t tell and you’ve had enough, they’re hard to avoid.

Tranguch says sometimes watching out for potholes can be a hard lesson to learn and afflicts drivers of all skill levels, not just new ones.

“I joke that I send Christmas cards to the highways department, and of course we laugh and that takes away some of the sting, but basically there’s not much you can do, you have to take a look at the car see what you need to fix and move on,” Tranguch added.

People at the store say to slow down and stay alert. If you have to run over a pothole, low-speed break-ins are less likely to cause damage.

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