SAE’s advertising campaign targets new technologies for a younger audience

After more than a century of humility, SAE International is starting to boast a bit by launching a “Meet SAE” advertising campaign.

SAE hopes the campaign will help increase membership and participation in events and technical committees. The target market for these ads includes people working on advanced mobility technologies such as electrification and autonomous driving.

“We’re trying to reach a larger audience, reach new people to become members and get interested in SAE… new, younger members, people who don’t associate us with electrification or zero emissions.” , Frank Menchaca, Director of Growth. for the nonprofit in Warrendale, Pa., said Automotive News. SAE’s goal is “to reach out to these new mobility professionals and young people to tell them that there is real value in working with us”.

To achieve this goal, SAE has created four advertisements focusing on end consumers of the technologies. SAE has approximately 130,000 members who are engineers, technical experts and volunteers in the automotive and aerospace industries. The advertisements show how the efforts of its members help provide mobility standards, research and educational support that impact people’s daily lives.

A branding campaign, which Menchaca says represents an investment of “several hundred thousand dollars,” began with the four ads, which were launched on November 1 and will run through 2022. SAE also plans to improve its web page and create email and social media campaigns on LinkedIn.

The spots will air on Hulu, YouTube TV, Facebook and Instagram and are also on They will be served to those whose viewing choices on these channels include automotive or aerospace-related content.

A place features expectant parents Pete and Abby, who can sleep soundly without worrying about their EV’s battery charge to get them to the hospital when their baby arrives, thanks to SAE’s work on establishment of load standards.

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