Shift and Job Adjustments Benefit Delray Buick-GMC Staff and Customers

The changes caused about three months of pain for the store, Connolly said.

“We probably missed a lot of opportunities during the switch,” he said. “But right now we have one of the highest conversion rates in our business, and we were always at the bottom of the chart. So I think it worked for us.”

Before the change, Delray Buick-GMC was converting 5 to 6 percent of its Internet leads into sales each month, Connolly said. In March 2022, the dealership closed 9.8% of new and used-vehicle leads, led by 15% of leads on the used-vehicle side converted into sales, he added.

Delray Buick-GMC sold 895 new vehicles and 779 used vehicles in 2021, an increase over 2020 and 2019 sales volumes despite limited inventory last year. And the store has been recognized by General Motors and companies that help dealers manage reviews for its customer service, Connolly said.

Employees are also happier. No sales employee has quit since at least 2020, Connolly said. The store retained 88% of its total staff in 2021, he said.

And while Connolly predicts that the culture change can help the dealership recruit new sales employees, Delray Buick-GMC is currently focused on retaining its current employees so they can maintain their sales productivity and do not compete with additional employees for the least available offers during this period. inventory constraints.

As for the two employees who signaled their departure at the start of 2021?

“They’re still here,” Connolly said.

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