Smollen is that of the Simi Schools

I lived in Simi Valley for 24 years and raised my family there. All my children have attended SVUSD schools. In most of those years, Dawn has been a leader in some way, whether it’s in the PTA, Every 15 Minutes, or the Junior Olympics. My three children have been touched by Dawn’s desire to make Simi Schools a better place for children.

In 2015, Dawn was instrumental in reopening the once-closed auto shop at Simi Valley High, a regional program available to all high school students in Simi Valley. She never wavered in her support of both the automotive technology course and the internship at the local auto repair shops in the city.

Dawn’s passion for vocational technical training courses remains strong, whether it’s automotive, carpentry, metal, cosmetology or any other CTE program.

Students need as many career paths as possible to ensure a variety of training and work experiences in the field that interests them most and that leads to a well-paying career and a successful future. The CTE is vital for schools in Simi Valley. I have worked with Dawn for the past eight years. Dawn is committed to students who prefer trades to traditional college.

Even though Dawn’s children are adults and graduating from schools in Simi Valley, she continues to fight for all students in the district. This is the kind of commitment and dedication that students deserve. Dawn’s energy provides the momentum Simi Valley needs. Join me in re-electing Dawn Smollen to the school board.

Russell Martin
Simi Valley

Martin is the Automotive Technology Instructor at Simi Valley High School

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