Solis Yanmar aims to launch three new tractors

Solis Yanmar has become the first tractor export brand to Turkey from India.

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26 June 2022, 15:17

market share in 12 European countries.” title=”Solis Yanmar has a leading market share in 12 European countries.” style=”width:auto;”/>
Solis Yanmar has a leading market share in 12 European countries.

Solis Yanmar plans to launch three new tractors in the sub-30hp class, the company said. The company announced that it would expand the line of compact tractors. This announcement comes after the successful launch of the CRDi 75hp tractor range. The company also claimed in a statement on Sunday that it has become India’s top tractor export brand to Turkey. It also claims a leading position in 12 European countries in key segments.

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Speaking about the plan, Raman Mittal, co-general manager of Solis Yanmar, said the company has already sold more than 5,000 tractor units in Turkey. Furthermore, he asserted that Solis Yanmar is the fastest growing tractor brand in Turkey, while taking the top spot in the position of tractor export brand. “The Turkish market has a huge demand for tractors between 30 and 90 HP, which makes our Solis 50 and Solis 90 our flagship products. Our S26 model has 88% market share in calendar year 2021 and, overall, we have captured 8% market share in Turkey.We also recently unveiled the 75 HP CRDi tractor at the national shows in Izmir and Konya held in February and March 2022 respectively, which was We are now expanding our range of compact tractors up to 30 HP with the launch of 3 new models with Japanese technologies to address the niche segment and take the Turkish tractor market by storm,” he said. he adds.

Date of first publication: June 26, 2022, 3:17 PM IST

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