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automotive advanced technology company. Painter also founded and served as CEO of TrueCar Inc. – Photo: Autonomy”/>

Autonomy also operates in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Scott Painter, CEO and founder of the company, also founded Fair Inc., an automotive advanced technology company. Painter also founded and served as CEO of TrueCar Inc.

Photo: Autonomy

Electric vehicle subscription company Autonomy is continuing its expansion into the state of California, now adding the San Diego market to its coverage area, the company announced on April 7.

Autonomy had a commercial launch in Los Angeles in January and in the San Francisco Bay Area in March and already has hundreds of active subscribers.

“Our mission is to provide consumers with easy and affordable access to electric vehicles,” said Scott Painter, Founder and CEO of Autonomy. “We know that California is both the automotive capital of the world and an early adopter of disruptive new technologies that improve quality of life. We started in Los Angeles and are understandably excited to expand to San Diego, California’s second largest city, as we continue to build our presence across the state.

Offering consumers an easy way to experience a Tesla Model 3, Autonomy’s monthly subscription costs less than Tesla’s rental or loaner plans. Autonomy subscribers can reserve a Model 3 through the Autonomy app or website and a $100 refundable deposit. A payment dial allows customers to customize subscriptions starting at $490 per month with an initial payment of $4,900, up to $1,000 per month with an initial payment of $1,000. A $500 refundable security deposit is required when subscription is activated.

Autonomy said its monthly payments cover traditional costs of ownership, including annual registration and license fees, routine maintenance, roadside assistance and tire wear. Self-driving drivers can also subscribe month-to-month after a minimum three-month holding period, providing an alternative option for those unwilling or unable to afford the long-term commitment of buying or renting a electric car.

The company’s Model 3 stock is available for delivery within days, compared to the six to nine month wait for a lease or loan.

“San Diegans is rapidly moving toward EV adoption, and the city already has more than 1,400 charging stations, including 250 DC fast chargers, making it more convenient for consumers looking to sign up for an Autonomy subscription,” said Georg Bauer, co-founder. and President of Autonomy.

Autonomy recently received $83 million in debt and equity financing to support its expansion.

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