The 2023 Ford Transit Trail is targeting the RV crowd

DETROIT — Ford Motor Co. expands its line of vans with a variant aimed at adventure and lifestyle customers looking for alternatives to recreational vehicles and motorhomes.

The 2023 Transit Trail, which is expected to go on sale this spring, will replace the current Transit’s Adventure Package and starts at $67,770, including $1,797 shipping.

The van rides 3.5 inches higher than a Standard transit and has a wider track of 2.75 inches. It is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine that is expected to generate 310 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque.

Ford hopes to capitalize on the popularity of outdoor recreation and offer customers who live or spend a lot of time in their pickup truck what the company calls the “perfect blank canvas.” The automaker plans to split an undisclosed number of vehicles between retail buyers and commercial installers.

“Our decades of experience in the RV industry and insights from the van-life community have helped us design a vehicle that makes it easier for adventurers to start their next journey,” said Ford CEO Pro, Ted Cannis, in a statement.

Ford Pro general manager Tim Baughman said he expects a “substantial percentage” of Transit Trail customers to be DIY enthusiasts who customize the van with various parts and accessories.

With this in mind, Ford has positioned drillable areas throughout the interior for cabinets, shelves and beds. Ford also added a top shelf and roof vent in response to customer feedback. The high-roof, extended-length configuration offers 487 cubic feet of cargo space.

The Transit Trail features an intelligent all-wheel-drive system with multiple drive modes, adaptive cruise control and the Sync 4 infotainment system. Ford will offer a heavy-duty trailer package with a towing capacity of 6 500 pounds.

Ford also plans to offer an optional 31-gallon tank as an upgrade to the standard 24-gallon tank.

The van can have multiple commercial applications for businesses such as forestry services or others that need more off-road capable vehicles. Baughman said the minivan will initially focus on adventure and lifestyle buyers.

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