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This new electric Kia GT is a preview of today’s industry drama

Kia unveiled its new EV6 GT model Friday at the annual premium auto event in Monterey, California. We’re telling you about it on Page 1 this week because it’s interesting news, but also because it serves as a portal to today’s many dramas. automobile company.

The EV6 GT is an electric car from a mainstream brand, but it’s powered by 576bhp and a 3.4-second zero-to-60.

There are other performance EVs suddenly coming out, and you can see them scattered throughout this week’s issue. Check out Vince Bond Jr.’s Page 1 article on Dodge’s new Charger Daytona SRT. It’s a concept electric muscle car. Who knew there would be such a thing?

But why not? Electrification is a new ball game. The industry is getting into it and you can read more about all the new electric vehicles that have just been unveiled on several pages of this issue.

But there is also uncertainty in the mix.

We tell you this week about the confusion surrounding the country’s gargantuan new Inflation Reduction Act, with its rules on which models will get electric vehicle tax credits and which won’t. The IRA will likely bring about all sorts of new realities in the auto industry.

But it also puts a question mark on product planning. On page 31, we present our information on future product plans from Korean sister brands, Kia, Hyundai and Genesis. The group is aggressively rolling out new electric vehicles of various shapes and sizes, like the one in Monterey. But you have to wonder… is everything subject to change now that the feds have rewritten the tax credit rules?

We will monitor these developments. And so will many of the individuals we’re spotlighting this week in the class of 2022. Automotive News Rising stars. The promising automotive industry professionals we honor in this week’s issue face a turbulent future of evolving products and technology. Overwhelmingly, this group of achievers will be dealing in their careers with products and plans that barely exist today.

This moment is the fire that will forge us all.

Lindsay Chappell

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