The Montreal International Auto Show is underway for 2022, organizers say


The Montreal International Auto Show will be back in 2022 after the The 2021 edition has been canceled because of COVID-19, organizers announced Thursday.

They also reported that, based on a survey of previous participants, consumer interest in the return is strong. Electric vehicles, in particular, have aroused public interest.

The 2022 show is scheduled for January 21 to 30 at the Palais des congrès de Montréal.

Similar to the survey conducted by the Canadian International AutoShow, MIAS asked previous attendees about the likelihood of returning for the 2022 event if visitors, exhibitors, and employees are required to present vaccination passports, wear a mask and practice social distancing. Of the 6,758 responses, the results indicated that 32 percent would attend while 36 percent said they were very likely to participate and an additional 17 percent were likely to visit.

The survey also asked for reasons for not attending the show and out of 1,281 responses, 46% indicated concerns about COVID-19 and 27% indicated they did not need a new car. The remaining 27 percent indicated the price of the ticket, parking and other reasons for not wanting to attend.

The survey asked about interest in electric vehicles, as electric vehicles will be a big part of the show. Of the 9,792 responses, 33 percent indicated that the salon is the place to assess options offered by the manufacturers in attendance, 25 percent said they would seriously consider their next purchase or lease as an EV, 17 percent said they would seriously consider their next purchase or lease to be an EV. percent indicated that their next lease or purchase would be an electric hybrid, and 16 percent indicated a desire to take a test drive.

The survey also asked the top three reasons to attend the show and of the 21,205 responses, new cars were at the top of the list at 29%.

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