These seven banks reimburse ATM fees

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We all know cash is king, although the jury is still out how much you should be carrying at any given time. What’s not up for debate is how frustrating it is to walk into an ATM and have to authorize a $2 or $3 fee for the privilege of access. your own money. Yes, you can visit one of your bank’s ATMs to avoid fees, but that’s not always possible. Instead, choose a bank that will cover these costs for you.

A select a handful of banks and credit unions will do just thatprovided you open a eligible account. Whether you are looking to switch banks and are tired of being hit with persistent ATM transaction fees, consider opting for one of the following institutions.

Charles Schwab. With the Schwab Bank Visa Platinum debit card, you get unlimited discounts on ATM fees applied to cash withdrawals anywhere the card is accepted. JTo obtain this card, you must have both a Schwab One brokerage account and a Schwab Bank High Yield Investor checking account, which has a $0 monthly service fee, a $0 account minimum, and no foreign transaction fees. They also refund all ATM fees at the end of the month.

loan club. LendingClub offers a discount on surcharges applied to cash withdrawals from a Rewards checking account using the debit card issued by LendingClub Bank. ATM fees will be refunded at the end of each statement cycle. Opening an account requires a minimum contribution of $100.

Axos Bank. Axos Bank offers youLimited domestic ATM fee refunds for customers who have reward checking, cashback check, or essential checking accounts. They are also offering up to $8 in domestic ATM fee rebate per month for members with a Golden Checking account, aimed at customers 55 and older..

Allied bank. Ally Bank will reimburse up to $10 at the end of each statement cycle for fees charged at other ATMs for all of their personal banking customers.

Loyalty cash management. With a Fidelity Cash Management account, you can get full ATM refunds on an unlimited number of transactions. Also included with their debit card are travel and emergency assistance, worldwide travel accident insurance, and collision damage waiver for car rentals.

Combining Credit Union. Alliant Credit Union is offering up to $20 per month ATM fee rebate to members who use their Alliant Visa debit card. You should note although this excludes the 1% overseas Visa transaction fee, they deposit remittances into your account at the end of each day, getting the money back in your hands faster than most.

TD Bank. TD Bank will reimburse ATM fees provided you have enough zero—oneall supplements will be refunded provideddid you maintain a minimum daily balance of your TD Beyond Chequing Account at least $2,500.

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