To help! I owe $ 1,048 rent late, but I always pay on time


Why has Kate Syverson’s rent just increased by $ 157 per month? And why is the manager of her apartment threatening to sue her if she doesn’t pay $ 1,048 in rent arrears?


Hope you can help me in a situation I am having with my apartment management company. I am a high school student. I recently moved from student accommodation to my own apartment in the Allure apartment complex, which is owned by Greystar Real Estate.

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My rent was $ 1,886 plus utilities each month, and when I got a dog in March 2020 the rent went up by $ 50 per month. I have always paid my rent on time through the residents portal and have never had any issues with other residents or the management of the apartment.

My parents and I agreed that we would sign a one-year lease last February so I wouldn’t be stressed out about moving during the finals and the 2021 vacation. I assumed I would get another notification. lease via email or my resident portal account, like that. This is how all communication with Allure took place.

On July 13, I received an email from Allure telling me that I was going to be leaving month to month starting July 13 and that I would now be billed an additional $ 157 per month. The company has agreed to prorate the month of July. A few hours later I got another email saying I had been month to month since February so they were also charging me $ 157 per month in back rent.

After many emails and attempts to resolve this issue, Allure management sent me a notice telling me I had 15 days to pay the arrears rent plus late fees or they would take legal action. . I feel like they know hiring a lawyer is expensive, so they just think I’m going to pay for it. If there is anything you could do to help me, I would really appreciate it. I would like to withdraw $ 1,048 in rent from my account. – Kate Syverson, Orange, California


You should have signed a new lease, which would have kept your rent payments at $ 1,886 plus utilities. Instead, it looks like you’ve assumed your rate won’t change if and when you switch to a month-to-month lease. This was not the case.

Allure waited until July to adjust your monthly rental rate, but then it appears to have retroactively adjusted your rate as well. He should have offered to fix the problem instead of threatening to sue you, even though, as you suggested, the threat was likely a form letter generated when your rent is overdue.

The solution to this problem is simple, in retrospect. Make sure you sign all documents relating to your apartment lease well in advance. I understand Allure usually communicated through their website portal, but it looks like they didn’t this time around.
I asked Allure to review your case.

The good news for most: the company will reduce your rear rent

“This resident has not renewed her lease, so she has been put in the month because of it,” said a spokesperson. “The team will talk to the owner and her and see if we can find a solution.”

Allure has contacted you. The blame for this is definitely shared. You know you should have been more proactive with the rental agreement. But Allure should have contacted you sooner as well. And this company that retroactively charges rent and then threatens you – it’s not a shining example of good customer service. Allure has offered to share the difference with you, leaving you with a balance of $ 524 in rent owed.


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