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In GTA Online, players can buy almost anything that people can buy in real life. They can also purchase many types of in-game properties that serve unique purposes.

GTA Online offers players apartments, garages, yachts, hangars, nightclubs, and many other properties to purchase in-game. Some properties are only used as safe havens from which players can spawn, while others ‘others help earn money in the game.

There are 18 different types of properties in the game, and some are more essential than others. For new players, this list helps in deciding which properties to buy in order to earn in-game money.

5 best properties to buy for gamers in GTA Online

5) Vehicle warehouse

Vehicle Warehouses have been added to GTA Online as part of the Import / Export update. This property can be purchased from the Maze Bank Foreclosures website.

The warehouse is used to store the vehicle freight that is obtained in the vehicle freight missions of the CEO’s office. Each warehouse can store 40 vehicles, and they come with an organizing desk inside from where players can start selling missions.

4) High-end apartment

Owning a high-end apartment in GTA Online is absolutely crucial as they not only serve as a safe home, but can be used to start a few in-game heist missions.

These scrapyard missions are some of the best ways to make money early in the game. Each upscale apartment has a 10-car garage that can also store three bicycles.

3) Auto store

The Auto Shop is a property that was added to GTA Online as part of the Los Santos Tuner update. Players can use this property to modify their cars and bikes.

Owning an auto shop also allows players to start Contract Missions which are basically mini-heists in GTA Online. Each Heist has two setup missions and a final that players can do to earn a lot of money.

2) MC Clubhouse

The Motor Cycle Clubhouse has been added to GTA Online as part of the Bikers Update. These properties function as a primary basis for performing operations from the Open Road network.

The clubhouse features a personal bar with a bartender, playable dart board, arm wrestling game, and jukebox. Once players purchase a clubhouse, they have access to the five MC businesses.

1) Office

The Office is a property that was added to GTA Online in the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update. Once a player purchases an office, they can then register as a CEO and can use all of SecuroServ’s capabilities as an executive.

Players can change their office and add a gun locker, safe, and accommodation if they wish. Owning an office allows players to start Special Cargo, Vehicle Freight, and Special Vehicle Employment Contract missions.

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