Toyota denies plans to end UK production

Toyota said it shared the UK’s ambition to move towards zero emissions, but declined to comment on government mandates as it did not see draft rules being prepared by the Department for Transport .

“We continue to see a role for many different technologies in the transition to zero emissions based on the principle of mobility for all, including current UK-built hybrid vehicles,” Toyota said in the statement.

The government will require zero-emission vehicles to make up an increasing proportion of new car and van sales each year from 2024, the London-based company said. Times reported. Manufacturers who do not meet the targets will have to pay penalties or buy credits from competitors who exceed the thresholds. Terms of reference are still being worked out.

Toyota said in December it would be ready to sell only zero-emission cars in Europe by 2035 and has set an interim target of accounting for at least half of its sales by the end of the decade.

The company announced an investment of more than 240 million pounds ($315 million) at its plant in Burnaston, central England, in 2017 to support production of Corolla compact cars. It also has an engine factory in Deeside, North Wales.

The UK plans to ban sales of new cars running entirely on petrol and diesel after 2030 and allow sales of hybrids until 2035.

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