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The MINI E-CLASSIC shows us how the past can be green, exciting news for dynamic inductive charging technology teases us about the future, as does the RoboRide autonomous car rental service in Seoul. This and many more EV news are available below.

Electric car

Toys 4 Boys — Restomods and EV Upgrades

“Toys 4 Boys makes its debut today at Top Marques (Monaco, June 9-12) previewing a model that will roll out of the factory this summer and begin full production in September. The new brand “Toys 4 Boys” from Aznom Automotive wants to bring to the market small automotive series, unique in their design philosophy, technical solutions, refinement and style. Toys 4 Boys will therefore focus on “restomod” and upgrades. special upgrades to existing vehicles.

Image courtesy of Aznom Automotive.

“Toys 4 Boys debuts a ‘jewel’ called the Mini E-Classic, a model that takes the elite Italian manufacturer into the all-electric vehicle market. This model represents the bridge between the iconic past of the Mini Cooper and the “green” of contemporary electric cars thanks to the Mini Mk5 donor, fully converted into an electric vehicle thanks to the 45 KW Retrofit system and the 14 kWh – DM219 ILifePo batteries With this configuration, the Toys 4 Boys Mini electric cars are capable of a 140 km autonomy, more than enough for urban journeys and short trips.

Image courtesy of Aznom Automotive.

“The E-Classic configuration, inspired by the historic 1960s rally car, features Alcantara leather and 3 different ‘eco-normal-sport’ drive configurations. A second version bearing the Côte d’Azur name will be unveiled in the future Based on a ‘British open’ with a fully opening roof, it offers a more up-to-date look, clearly inspired by the Côte d’Azur.

“On the outside, it will sport the ‘Tiffany’ turquoise colour, while the interior features both leather and fabric interiors. In the ‘Cotè D’azur’ the modes available are ‘eco – normal’.

“Both models will mount LED lights and digital instrumentation.”

Aznom Automotive

“The electrification kit is compatible with all Mini cars manufactured from 1982 onwards…but keep in mind that the Aznom system is not only suitable for Mini cars, but will be developed to be fitted to many other vintage and classic cars.”

Volkswagen offers an additional all-wheel-drive version for the ID.4

“Thanks to a second electric motor on the front axle, the new, more powerful variant of the Pro models transfers its power to the road by means of an all-wheel-drive system. “With the ID.4 Pro 4MOTION, we are responding to customer wishes and the demand for an additional model with an all-wheel-drive system. It is positioned exactly between the efficient and comfortable ID.4 models with rear-wheel drive and the model sporty flagship ID.4 GTX 4MOTION,” says Silke Bagschik, Sales and Marketing Manager for the ID. family.”

“The all-wheel-drive technology of the ID.4 Pro 4MOTION improves traction and thus enables even better driving dynamics. The new model with twin-motor all-wheel drive system is also a powerful towing vehicle and is therefore a reliable partner for towing small transport or boat trailers. Thanks to the all-wheel-drive system, the maximum trailer weight of the ID.4 Pro 4MOTION is increased by 200 kilograms to 1,400 kilograms for an 8% gradient (braked) compared to the classic Pro Performance version.

Electric performance: ŠKODA tops EcoCar Electrified Top 50 Awards 2022

“ŠKODA’s electric iV range has scored a remarkable number of titles at the annual EcoCar Electrified Top 50 Awards. The brand has been named best in class in no less than six categories. Three models appeared in the top 10 best new cars on sale today and the brand’s flagship electric car, the ENYAQ iV, was named Car of the Year 2022.”

“In addition to winning the first title, the ENYAQ iV was also named Best Electric Car 2022 and Best Mid-Size Electric SUV, proving its broad appeal to EV buyers. Commenting on ENYAQ’s awards roster iV, Ian Robertson, editor and publisher of Diesel&EcoCar magazine said: “ŠKODA has once again succeeded in using its design and engineering genius to create a model that is greater than the sum of its parts. If you want to go pure electric, there’s no better or more sensible way than this year’s 2022 Electrified Car of the Year.

Polestar begins delivering 65,000 electric vehicle partnership with Hertz

Gothenburg, Sweden – Polestar, the Swedish performance electric car manufacturer, has begun delivering new Polestar 2 electric cars to Hertz under the agreement announced in April 2022, under which Polestar will supply the global rental giant cars 65,000 cars over the next five years.

“The partnership between Polestar and Hertz is one of the largest orders for electric cars ever. The start of deliveries signifies Polestar’s ability to operate as a relatively mature brand in a space heavily populated by start-up start-ups.

NEW AUTO becomes TikTok: Volkswagen Group makes its debut on a video platform for digital natives

“From now on, Volkswagen’s transformation into a technology company will be accompanied by a TikTok channel called ‘newauto’ – the name of the Group’s strategy. This is the Volkswagen Group’s first appearance on the video platform. Creative and entertaining videos on the channel explain the historic transformation towards the world of mobility of the future, which Volkswagen is advancing with its NEW AUTO strategy.

EV charging

“Arena del Futuro” demonstrates the capability of dynamic inductive charging technology for electric vehicles

The “Arena del Futuro” (“Arena of the Future”) circuit built by A35 Brebemi in collaboration with Stellantis and other partners is field-testing a revolutionary dynamic induction electric charge for electric vehicles.

“Amsterdam – After months of testing at the ‘Arena del Futuro’ circuit, Stellantis and its project partners today demonstrated in Chiari, Italy the ability of Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (DWPT) technology to charge wirelessly electric vehicles (EV) when they use specially designed and reserved traffic lanes.

“DWPT is a system of coils placed under the asphalt that transfers energy directly to cars, trucks and buses without the need to stop at charging stations to recharge the battery. The technology can be adapted to all vehicles equipped with a special “receiver” that transfers energy from the road infrastructure directly to the electric motor, thus extending the range while preserving the charge of the vehicle battery. »

The “Arena del Futuro” (“Arena of the Future”) circuit built by A35 Brebemi in collaboration with Stellantis and other partners is field-testing a revolutionary dynamic induction electric charge for electric vehicles.

“The pilot project of Stellantis and all partners involved is coordinated by A35 Brebemi, a company owned by global transport infrastructure operator Aleatica that focuses on sustainable and innovative mobility solutions.”

Electric buses

“Paris (France) / Koningshooikt (Belgium) – Van Hool, the Belgian manufacturer of buses, coaches and industrial vehicles, presented its first edition of a completely new range of 100% zero-emission buses on the first day of Euro Mobility Expo 2022, an international trade fair for public transport. The Van Hool A12 Battery Electric is the first vehicle in a brand new range of buses in four different lengths (12m, 13m, 18m and 24m) equipped with exclusively zero-emission powertrains: electric battery, fuel cell ( hydrogen) and trolley. With this new A range, the company builds on the knowledge and experience it has acquired in the field of ecological buses for urban and regional public transport. Van Hool is ready to respond to the ever-increasing demand from public transport companies focusing on “greening” their fleets. Even before the official announcement of the new A range, Van Hool had 13 orders on its books, for a total of 162 buses.


Nano One and Rio Tinto Announce Strategic Partnership and US$10 Million Investment

“Nano One® Materials Corp. (“Nano One” or the “Company”), a clean technology innovator in battery materials, and Rio Tinto, a leading global mining and metals group, have agreed to enter into a strategic partnership providing iron and lithium products, collaboration and US$10 million investment in Nano One. This partnership and funding will accelerate Nano One’s multi-cathode (multi-CAM) commercialization strategy and support cathode active materials (CAM) manufacturing in Canada for a cleaner and more efficient battery supply chain for Northeast markets. Americans and foreigners.

Volkswagen-led research team will recycle batteries multiple times for the first time

“Michael Kellner, Parliamentary State Secretary: “European battery production can only be successful if it focuses on sustainability in as many areas as possible. Sustainable batteries are crucial for an energy and transport transition guided by high environmental and social standards.

Sebastian Wolf, Chief Operating Officer Battery Cell at Volkswagen AG, explained: “The recycling of batteries and production scrap contributes decisively to securing the supply of raw materials for our planned factories. Thanks to the HVBatCycle project, a holistic view of recycling processes and thus the implementation of the closed loop of battery materials is being prepared. »

Autonomous vehicles

Hyundai Motor Group to pilot RoboRide autonomous call-a-car service in Seoul’s bustling Gangnam district

Image courtesy of Hyundai Motor Group.

“Hyundai Motor Group (the Group) today announced that it will pilot a RoboRide car-calling service at Gangnam in Seoul, South Korea using IONIQ 5 Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) with advanced technology. Self-Driving Level 4 developed in-house RoboRide Pilot will be the first car rental service with self-driving vehicles to operate in Gangnam, one of the most congested areas in the Seoul metropolis.

Image courtesy of Hyundai Motor Group.




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