USAA Auto Insurance Review for 2022


Short for United Services Automobile Association, USAA offers a variety of auto insurance policies that meet all of its customers’ needs. The company is renowned for its high customer satisfaction and low prices. But there is a catch.

To obtain USAA policy, you must be in the United States Army, a veteran, or the spouse or child of a current or former military member.

What types of vehicle insurance does USAA offer?

USAA offers a variety of insurance policies for all types of vehicles, including classic cars and motorhomes. The insurer offers common types of insurance coverage, including:

  • Full
  • Collision
  • Responsibility
  • Uninsured and Underinsured
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist

The insurer also offers other types of coverage, including:

  • Car replacement assistance: According to ValuePenguin, you will receive 20%, plus the actual cash value of the vehicle, if you purchase this coverage.
  • Pardon in case of accident: Allows customers to maintain their coverage rate in the event of an accident. It is acquired automatically after five years of accident-free insurance, but can also be purchased.
  • Rental refund: This type of insurance allows customers to obtain a rental vehicle if their car requires repairs as a result of an insured accident. USAA lets you choose the type of vehicle you wish to rent.
  • Towing and labor: When you need roadside assistance, this coverage will cover the expenses associated with towing and any on-site labor.
  • Glass: This coverage is usually an add-on that pays for cracked or broken windshields and car windows. If you live in Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, or South Carolina, glass coverage is automatically added to your comprehensive policy when you choose USAA.
  • DIFFERENCE: For customers who finance their vehicles, GAP insurance covers the difference between what is due and the total value of the vehicle in the event of total loss.

What advantages distinguish auto insurance policies from the USAA?

USAA might be a great choice for you whether you are a current or former member of the military. The insurer obtains high customer satisfaction ratings. In addition, with its large number of coverage and rebate options, USAA saves its customers money. However, its availability only to military personnel and loved ones means that it is not an option for most people.

USAA offers typical discounts such as loyalty, student voucher, multiple vehicles, and a family discount for additional drivers.

The insurer also offers a break for the following people:

  • Vehicle stored: Members who keep their car in a safe place for more than 30 days can benefit from a reduction of up to 60% on their insurance premiums.
  • Storage of the military base: Save up to 15% on your full coverage if you decide to store your vehicle at a military base.
  • Research management: This type of discount (about 5% off) covers drivers who decide to put a device in their car to help the USAA with its research.
  • Main driver: If your driving record remains blank for at least five years in a row, you can get this break.

USAA Auto Insurance Fee

There are several factors that will influence the amount you will need to pay for USAA coverage. These include age, marital status, and gender.

According to The Zebra, the average monthly price for USAA auto insurance is $ 106, while the industry average is $ 124.

How demographics impact rates

Using Kelley Blue Book data obtained from Savvy, you can better understand how age, gender, and marital status will affect auto insurance costs in the USAA Average Monthly Costs table below. Savvy collects data from current consumer policies, including information on rates, age, marital status, and other demographics.

The statistics provide a representative sample that serves as a general guide. Learn more about Savvy’s methodology.

Average monthly cost
age range Genre Civil status Value
25 to 34 female married $ 190.18
25 to 34 female Single $ 166.24
25 to 34 Male married $ 203.75
25 to 34 Male Single $ 178.27
35 to 49 female married $ 242.57
35 to 49 female Single $ 173.52
35 to 49 Male married $ 218.40
35 to 49 Male Single $ 155.86
50 to 69 female married $ 230.15
50 to 69 female Single $ 160.18
50 to 69 Male married $ 268.74
50 to 69 Male Single $ 143.59

Source: Savvy

Other Factors Affecting USAA Insurance Quotes

In addition to age, sex, and marital status, insurers take into account your location and driving history, including DUIs, car crashes, and speeding tickets, among other factors. .

In most states, insurance companies are also allowed to bill individuals based on their credit history.

Let’s see how some of these factors can impact your USAA quote.

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In addition to the above factors, location also has an impact on insurance costs. Living in a large city with higher crime and accident rates means auto insurance costs go up, compared to smaller towns with low crime and accident rates. Living in Tornado Alley or America’s Plains states can affect the way insurers quote your insurance.


According to The Zebra, USAA is the most affordable insurer after a DUI. Data shows that USAA drivers will pay an average of $ 805 more for auto insurance after a DUI incident. Since not all drivers can purchase USAA insurance, and each insurer uses formulas and factors to qualify drivers, it is wise to shop around and check rates with different providers.

Car accident

Following an at-fault accident, The Zebra said fares increase by about $ 340 each year for at least three years after an accident. However, USAA offers an accident remission program to help early offenders see such an increase.

Credit history

According to The Zebra, drivers with the lowest credit scores typically pay at least twice as much as those with excellent and outstanding ratings. In some states, drivers with very bad credit scores can expect to pay 115% more than those with exceptional credit.

For example, drivers with exceptional credit pay an average of $ 1,349, while those with very bad credit pay $ 2,895.

The good news is that four states do not allow insurers to check credit scores or history to calculate auto insurance. These states are California, Michigan, Massachusetts and Hawaii.

Are drivers happy with the USAA?

Overall, USAA customer satisfaction is relatively high. The insurer is among the top-rated companies by Investopedia in many of its reviews, including Best Auto Insurance, Best Auto Insurance for Teens, and Best Military Auto Insurance.

USAA also ranks well among the top rated companies in JD Power reviews. USAA has received excellent ratings in the latest JD Power customer satisfaction and claims satisfaction surveys.

In 1922, 25 army officers formed the USAA in San Antonio. The company has reached over 13 million members and now operates with a net worth of nearly $ 36 billion in 2019.

Rating Services rank USAA as one of the top providers. The company received an A ++ rating from AM Best and AA + from S&P, demonstrating exceptional financial stability.

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