WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE? Waterloo auto shop part of cycle lane expropriation and trail improvements

The city council gave the green light to the expropriation of this automobile workshop located at 123 Moore Ave. S. as part of the reconstruction of Union Street East.
  • The city needs this property at 123 Moore Ave.  S. which is crucial to improving safety at the Union Street intersection.

Waterloo City Council ordered its solicitor to serve notice on the owner(s) of 123 Moore Ave S.as required by the Expropriation Act.


In 2019, Council approved capital funding for the reconstruction of Union Street East (King to Moore). The design process determined that the full acquisition of 123 Moore Ave. S. is required to address existing visibility issues, facilitate the separation of cycling facilities, and implement a secondary crossing of the Spurline Trail.

• Historically, according to a staff report, the corner of Union Street and Moore Avenue has had many traffic concerns. The safety improvements are intended to benefit motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, including many students who walk to nearby Elizabeth Ziegler Public School.

• Attempts by the city to have acquisition discussions with the owner(s) of the property have been unsuccessful. According to a property search, 123 Moore Ave. S. is owned by Michael and Catherine Slothbouber, who purchased the property in 2013.

• According to City staff, the lands are currently being used and occupied by tenants to operate an auto repair shop, PTN Automotive. The commercial operator was not available for comment before a report was delivered to council on Monday to clear the action.

• Expropriation proceedings will only stop if a negotiated settlement is reached and the land transfer takes place before the end of the expropriation process. The expropriation of the land is done “as is”, and upon acquisition, the city would assume full responsibility for the property.

• The cost will be covered by the project budget for the reconstruction of Union Street.

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