What Most Fans Don’t Know About Street Outlaws (But Should)

The American reality series, street outlaw created on Discovery Channel as early as 2013. The show follows the high-octane life of a group of street racers who talk, pull crazy pranks, and risk their lives to reach the top of the game. Although drama and legal wrangling are nothing new in the reality show, street outlaw take them to the next level with a slew of angry runners, illegalities and death.

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Sometimes the street outlaw the crew gets in trouble with the authorities for their criminal activities; other times they are the target of criminals and may face the inevitable – death – in their chaotic world. In typical reality television fashion, what happens behind the scenes is as captivating as what viewers can see. So here’s what most fans don’t know street outlawbut should.

Runners took part in illegal races

street outlaw the racers have been accused by more traditional drag racers of not only flouting the rules of the game, but also participating in illegal street racing, which Justin “Big Chief” Shearer shares more about here. The races that aired were generally done in a safe and secure manner, but what producers don’t show viewers is that riders often participate in local races across town right before or after filming.

fans of street outlaw raised concerns about the show’s legitimacy since street racing is illegal. But making a show about something illegal doesn’t make the show itself illegal. Those who got into trouble with the law were a result of their illegal activities – which we’ll shed more light on as we progress – and not for being cast members.

The Street Outlaws crew have been involved in serious accidents

the street outlaw the crew aren’t new to crashes, and that’s especially the case for Daddy Dave, Big Chief and Derek Travis. Dave “Daddy” Cornstock’s accident happened while he was racing in a street race with no rubber on the track or anything sprayed on the road. Dad Dave’s car flipped up to 6 times before hitting the wall and landing him in hospital.

For Big Chief, his accident took place during filming of his race against Brian “Chucky” Davis. Big Chief’s car landed in a ditch and he suffered a broken collarbone and spinal cord injuries. In the case of Derek Travis, he did not mention the cause or the place of the accidentbut we know that the vehicle, which he borrowed from his friend Bill Brown, suffered significant damage.

At least two cars of Street Outlaws members have been stolen

James “The Reaper” Goad’s 1955 Chevy, worth around $175,000, was stolen. James reported the theft to Oklahoma City Police and luckily the vehicle was found in good condition two days after the theft. Another street outlaw member who was robbed is David “Bird” Jones.

the Bird’s 1967 Chevrolet Camaro, worth around $100,000, was stolen by someone who was filmed by a surveillance camera, but it is not clear if David Jones ever recovered it.

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A runner was arrested for drug trafficking

Apparently participating in illegal street racing and slapping was not enough to street outlaw members, so they must have been involved in more serious crimes like drug trafficking. Rhett Peters confessed to using his shop to sell crystal meth and has been convicted several times for drug trafficking.

Pass Christian is another runner who couldn’t stay away from the drug trade. He hoarded about half a pound of drugs for nearly a month before being arrested and repeatedly sentenced to borderline drug trafficking.

The shooting incident

The thing about fame is that it brings you money, influence and, in Shawn Ellington’s case, a hail of bullets. While street outlaw members were involved in criminal activities, it seems that other criminals took a keen interest in the show. In 2015, a unidentified shooter fired at least 11 bullets into Shawn Ellington’s shop.

Fortunately, no one was in the store located in Oklahoma that fateful day. Based on police reports, it appears the shooter showed up on a motorcycle and even headed toward Shawn’s residence. Midwest Street Cars, the street outlaw the crew’s auto shop placed a $5,000 bounty on the shooter.

Ronnie Pollard was arrested for stealing an engine

Despite occasional run-ins with the law, street outlaw drag racers still haven’t shunned the vices. Ronnie Pollard, an occasional drag racer on the show, along with Christopher Goodman and Jerry Clyde Stephenson Jr., were arrested for theft of two engines estimated at around $500,000.

Although Ronnie Pollard was not actually the mastermind of the operation, he was indicted for his involvement. The gang leader, Jerry Clyde Stephenson Jr. is a well-known criminal with five felonies, so Ronnie knew exactly what he was getting into.

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Outlaw street driver has been charged with murder

With a lot of street outlaw riders involved in crashes, it’s only a matter of time before someone is killed. Unfortunately, for Izzy Valenzuela, two people were reported dead after her opponent, Michael Gevorgyan, lost control of the steering wheel and slammed into passers-by.

Izzy initially denied being present at the scene of the accident, but with more than 60 eyewitnesses, this claim did not hold water, and it was slammed with two counts of murdereven though he wasn’t actually the killer.

Two outlaw drivers died for undisclosed reasons

The reality show featured Butch DeMoss in the second season, and his 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle immediately caught the attention of fans. Unfortunately, before DeMoss could really make a name for himself on the show, he died at 43. Butch’s family or street outlaw did not reveal any of the reasons for his death.

Another sad demise on the show was that of Tyler “Flip” Piddy. Much like Butch DeMoss, details surrounding Flip’s exact cause of death are still sketchy, with no street outlaw neither the family goes into details.

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One of the show’s stars once fell asleep on the wheel

With plenty of crazy activity going on on and off the set of the reality TV show, it’s hardly surprising that a drag racer by the name of JJ Da Boss literally fell asleep at the wheel. This an unusual accident happened when JJ Da Boss was returning home after a long night of street racing.

JJ Da Boss was driving a pickup truck towing a 1949 Chevrolet pickup truck and a 1966 Chevy II when he dozed off, and the two cars he was towing landed in a ditch. To make matters worse, JJ Da Boss had a broken rib and hand, as well as a few cuts and bruises.

Some riders almost had their license revoked

Appearing on a reality TV show puts you in the faces of millions of people, earning you instant celebrity status. But for a TV show like street outlawit can mean a lot of things, including losing your license.

the The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) threatened drivers with having their licenses revoked if they appear on street outlaw. Drivers were quick to voice their displeasure with the ban, but the NHRA stood by its statements, saying licensed drivers should not be involved in promoting anything illegal.

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